Sunday, December 11, 2005

The word fresh strart amuses me. and I always wounder who is actually willing to forget, forgive and start again?!!
In my opinion 10% of the society if not less.. and NO.. trust me.. I am not exaggerating.
Most of the people around us carry
the hatred in their hearts, never able to let go.
Therefore, it grows more everyday and cause themselves and others pain and sorrow.
they fill their whole surrounding with BLACK... BLACK thoughts, BLACK dreams, BLACK talk.. BLACK...... BLACK.......
and it keeps on repeating in
their heads and shows in their acts until the day come when
they found out that they have lost it all!!


Morris said...

You seem to be very troubled.

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

ordinary girl said...

I am livivng :p

SaudiEve said...

"You seem to be very troubled"... Now THIS is what i call funny!

ordinary girl said...

do not make such a big deal about it..
besides you guys kept on using the word TROUBLED wihout actually telling me what do you think?
How many of us could sleep at night without being upset at anyone?!

my head said...

what ur saying is correct .dont TROUBLE ur self thinking about cuz this is how life work .
black & white
death & life
good & evil
u & me ( lol) y3ni it's only natural . justgo with the flow hate sm1 and love another .blend in with nature darling .

ordinary girl said...

Hate someone, that would be the meanest thing to do..
Trust me it does not worth it

ubergirl87 said...

I see your point. But so many people have (to put it lightly) screwed me over, time and time again. I really CAN'T forgive and forget.. I'm not seeking vengance or anything. It really isn't ruining my life, and it IS only human nature..
What's wrong with a little bit o' hate?
Cool blog, btw :)
ubergirl/The Rebel

ordinary girl said...

sometimes it gets out of control and eats you a life..
Really I've seen it happens to people..