Tuesday, May 29, 2007

“The isolation of autism need not be a negative trait… We don’t deserve to be condemned or laughed at, or made to fit into the plastic box of society’s correctness. We shouldn’t spend our lives trying to become someone else, someone acceptable… It is unfair to be continuously labeled, analyzed, picked to bits, dissected like a specimen, peered at with a large eye through a magnifying glass”
(O’Neill 1998, a person with Autism)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do not expect much! Live and laugh! Enjoy not having close ones while you can!

An advice I was told long time ago..

An advice I chose not to follow, not to listen to! Till it huts me!

That the pain comes from those whom you least expected! The very close ones!

When one of us choose to have a close relationship with someone weather it’s love, friendship or even a close relative.. we tend to give!

Unfortunately, we also tend to take! Suddenly when we are ignored, neglected and not cared for; we crash!

None of us is immune as long as we expose ourselves to others! Others who have the upper hand to hurt us!

Some get up stronger while some lose faith, trust and never fall again!

Be there for me or do not!
Realize how important I am in your life or not!

I will live!! Live.. with or without the loved ones! Live and try to laugh!