Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do not expect much! Live and laugh! Enjoy not having close ones while you can!

An advice I was told long time ago..

An advice I chose not to follow, not to listen to! Till it huts me!

That the pain comes from those whom you least expected! The very close ones!

When one of us choose to have a close relationship with someone weather it’s love, friendship or even a close relative.. we tend to give!

Unfortunately, we also tend to take! Suddenly when we are ignored, neglected and not cared for; we crash!

None of us is immune as long as we expose ourselves to others! Others who have the upper hand to hurt us!

Some get up stronger while some lose faith, trust and never fall again!

Be there for me or do not!
Realize how important I am in your life or not!

I will live!! Live.. with or without the loved ones! Live and try to laugh!


Immortality said...

I totally agree ma3aki.
You said it.. "some get stronger while others lose faith" well you choose what to be.oo ba3dein what doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger.
Never give anyone the authority to rule you about or have any sort of control over you… but kaman don’t marra give up on human race.. lessa fi good ones.. Yours Truly, for instance ;)

ordinary girl said...

I love you lass

LOUKA said...

exellent post,i loved it

walaa said...

Hello Dodi..
Its been so long since the last time i saw your blog..there is alot to read and i went through some of them and they were GREAT.. Actually i didnt know that u are full of all these feelings and am really amazed so plz continue..
I thought of comment on the last blog.. I totaly agree with u that the pain comes from those who we do care about the most, do u know y?? coz we care about them the most so even if they do a tiny mistake we considre it a huge coz we love them and we thought they know us to the extent that they will not hurt us forgeting that we do hurt us somtimes so we need to balance between what we expect from people and what they can give..all of us went through this feeling but we have alwayes to listen to others and give them another chance.. LOve u

ordinary girl said...

Louka.. Thank you..
Walaa..somtimes so we need to balance between what we expect from people and what they can give!! you could've not said it better honey..
I wish you happiness!!

Immortality said...

write sth new woman!
your blog keeps me company when am bored to distraction.. u know.. work.. life.. PLEASE!