Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hey you all…
Today is my last day in Riyadh- NO, not for good unfortunately- I will be back :(
I am going to Egypt YES…. مصر أم الدنيا
Well, it is my first time there so I have no idea how is it going to be.. fun I hope, but anything rather than Riyadh is fun, isn’t it? With an apology to Riyadh’s lovers!!!
Nothing much to say but I am very excited,, I haven’t left the country in so long and this is a FIRST!!!! I went to Bahrain if you want to call this leaving the country!! I wouldn’t!!
Those who are staying in Riyadh and want to get out, please don’t be jealous, your day will come!!
See you all later!! And take care!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

To Sushi lovers..
DO NOT GO TO (ZeeNodels) it sucks..

Friday, January 27, 2006

البارحة كنت مع مجموعة من الفتيات الآتي أخذن يتحدثن عن رجاء الصانع وكيف أنها قد شوهت سمعة فتيات الرياض.. وفي الحقيقة لقد شعرت بالملل من هذا الموضوع الذي أصبح يعاد مراراً وتكراراً!!!
يا الهي.. هل انتهت مواضيع الدنيا فلم نجد غير هذه الفتاة التي تآكلتها الألسن فقط لأنها تحدثت بحرية عما يخشى الكثيرين التحدث عنه لا بل والتلميح إليه!!!
وفجأة سطعت الحقيقة في ذهني كومضة نور.. إنها الغيرة!!!!!
رجاء أثارت الغيرة عند بنات جنسها.. مع الاعتذار لحواء !!

ونستطيع أن نرى ذلك في الفرق بين الانتقاد الهادف والانتقاد الذي يكون الغرض منه وسم الكاتبة بصفات وألفاظ يعجز اللسان عن ذكرها!!
وما يجعل كل هذا مسلياٌ أن الكثير ممن ألقى على كاهل رجاء التهم في الحقيقة لم يقرأ الرواية!!!!
أعانك الله يا رجاء و أعاننا علينا!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do not be the leader for this one!!! Do not get together then it will be called GATHERING!!!!
Well, check this out!!! We are a bunch of girls who are trying to do some charitable work, I believe you know what this means!!
As we all know a lot of inherited diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are spreading in our society due to bad eating habits or other factors like heredity!!
Anyway we thought of talking to some Doctors ask them to give some educational lectures to enlighten people!!
And GUESS WHAT!!!! Do not be the leader of such a thing!!!!! It will be called GATHERING!!!
I was speechless and shocked!!
Well guys I do not really have anything more to say so I guess I will leave the rest to you!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And here I am thinking we are moving forward!!!!! Well, shoot me!!!
I was at the train station the other day- YES- we have a train can you believe it!!! But that’s not it…
Two women- excuse me, I meant two ladies- were in front of me at the ticket window..
The first one- oooops sorry again, I meant the first lady- covered her picture’s ID with a piece of a tape!!! I was like Oooook, keep an open mind girl she just covers her face that’s all, but this is a government ID, an official one!!! Still girl she just covers I mean cannot you respect the other side of the world?!!!
I was calming myself down, entertaining myself by watching people’s shoes and tried to guess their personality from the shape of their shoes like I usually do!!! Well, I used to play this game with people’s faces but then they noticed that I am staring at them@@
So, while reaching the calming stage, the second LADY hit me!!!!!
SHE took out a note book from her handbag WROTE the names of the travelers and gave it to the GUY!!!!!
….. NO COMMENT!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

رجاء الصانع... اسم ظهر فجأة في سماء المملكة وشغل الأذهان والعقول بين مؤيد ومعارض..
رجاء هي فتاة كأي فتاة سعودية لها حق التعبير عن الرأي وحق الاستقلالية وحق الاختيار.. الفرق بينها وبين الأخريات يكمن في العائلة المتقبلة لهذه الحقوق البديهية وقوة شخصية رجاء التي سمحت لها باستغلال فرصة الظروف المحيطة بها والمؤيدة لموهبتها والمشجعة لها للتقدم والاستمرار..
كم منا يتمنى الانطلاق وكم منا يتمنى الحرية؟؟!!
وكم منا يرغب في البقاء كما هو دون تقدم للأمام حتى يبقى مخفيا عن الأنظار يمارس هواياته التي وان لم يحرمها الشرع حرمتها العادات والتقاليد.. كم منا رغم كرهه لهذه العادات ينقاد لها بل ويحث عليها ساهيا أو متعمدا...
من منا يريد أن يكون رجاء ومن منا يريد أن يكون رهينة القمع والاستبداد

Thursday, January 12, 2006

With Rolling Stone’s song- I love it when we Do- in the back ground am writing this. .. in fact something was said by my friend that made me wonder earlier today..
Well, I am a cartoon freak or at least I love japans’ cartoon so she called me crazy!!!! Is not it weird.. that when you act differently people think of you as crazy. Although this friend of mine was joking she made me think of other people who actually critic you the minute you show your differences…
Yeah I love cartoons,, I watch them I download them and now I am searching the entire net for Naruto’s episodes!!!!
Show your real interest, be frank, act the real you and you will never like the people’s reactions.
Give it a try and let me know.. and lets count how many around us accept the real YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Eid to you all....