Friday, April 06, 2007

A conversation between (A) and (B)…

A: can you believe that? They are taking everyone’s laptops away from them, not only us!

B: you are joking, right?

A: no I am not!! Some British people said they have not seen their laptops in a year now!

B: but I thought we are the hated nation!!

A: obviously everyone now is being observed!!

B: these people are really not feeling secure at all now, are they?

A: tell me about it! LOL!!

B: but what if the laptop is brand new, you know no programmes in it, no nothing!

A: it doesn’t matter, they’ll still confiscate it!

B: on what bases?

A: on the bases, they can!

B: I simply won’t give it to them!

A: then simply you will be taken into jail.

B: they cannot do that.

A: yes dear, they can.

B: but that’s not fair.

A: honey, we are talking power here not fairness! But you know some business man took it to court, they took his laptop and never returned it to him.

B: are you telling me they don’t give you a recede for it!

A: seriously! are you living in this world!? You have to trust the authority! LOL!!

B: bloody thieves!

A: watch your mouth or you would go to jail for insulting an officer.

B: they can burn in hell; I won’t give my laptop to anyone.

A: now you are already in jail for obstruction of the justice. LOL

B: ******----------------------------------------------