Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is going to be O.K.!!

Since I only have my thesis left, I do not have to go to university everyday! which is good, I am finally done with midterms, finals and heavy assignments.
Lucky me, eh! I mean not like thesis is not a lot of work to do but a better situation; in my point of view at least!
So, living between papers and books kinda made me forget about a silly little detail.
But wait, why is this suppose to be a problem! Although I have my licenses, women cannot drive.. that is O.K.!
I live only two minutes away from the bridge and the car is standing under the house cold, dead.. waiting for the switch to go but no big deal... that is O.K.!
I can always take a car across the bridge since it is only about 25KM, I mean that what all these transportations companies are here for, taking advantages of people who do not have drivers.. but that is also O.K.!
Very simple, pick up the phone and call and you will have a driver in a blink of an eye.. see.. it is going to be O.K.!
I need a car please..
Yes, tomorrow...
How much..
500 S.R. per trip!!!!! ONLY!!
SEE..I told you it is going to be O.K.!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was told... (Just promise me that we would never become politely formal, boring, very civilized strangers)

well, you have my word!!