Sunday, December 25, 2005

Episode one: how easier it is to be a MALE!!!!

Jobs.. Jobs.. Jobs..
It does not matter weather you serve the net, read newspapers, make phone calls. It is so freaking hard to find a decent job that it suitable for you time and money wise!!
It seems that whatever out there is either too cheap or too tiring..
work for 5 hours a day and you get scratch and with it having to pay for the driver who of course going to be more expensive when you get him with his car, which most of the people who do not have privet drivers do!!!
(a hint!!!)
work for 10 hours to make real money and the hell with your house, your kids if you are a mother and your scoial life!!!
and guess what!!! it would be much easier if you are a MALE!!!!


Thamer said...

tara its still hard for us males to find a job. you need a was6a to get your cv into a company, then wait untill they call and ask you to come for an interview, some of them won't. then wait untill they call you back after the interview, some of them won't. so in the end you're only left with one company which offers you a job that is not related to your field. i'm telling you, its still hard for us, unless you have a HUGE was6a :)

ordinary girl said...

I totally agree abut the Was6a thing!!
but what am saying is you guys can work anywhere temporary, you can even work during your schooling years like for example Jarrer book stores and its programme for students. or maybe Starbux!!!
but what do we have!!
All i am saying that our options as girls are pretty limited.

my head said...

BTW girl ,

i'm not a man .and i might be away again . later .

ordinary girl said...

a man, a girl, a little bit of both.. It's all right mate :p
the blog misses you thats all ;)

my head said...

Hi ,, back again .

this 2006 is not good .

ordinary girl said...

welcome back..inshallah it will be