Tuesday, December 13, 2005

being sick sucks..
going to a party you do not want to go to and you are doing it because it is a must sucks..
calling people you do not want to call and you have to sucks..
taking the train in this country sucks..
having to cover your face beacuse of certain people although you do not usually do it sucks..
people looking at you like an alien sucks..
being different in this city sucks..
basiclly, everything sucks...


Immortality said...

Cheer up!
Things can go much worse :)

ordinary girl said...

yeah I know, still.. sometimes you simply just cannot put up with it!!

Disoriented said...

ummmmm a huffy mood i see..ok i have a list of (it sucks)too..i'll dedicate a post later..

SaudiEve said...

1- Salamtik ya O.G.
2- thanks for the birthday wish at my blog hon.
3- (3'eera) i'll dedicate a post to things that suck too :-)

Trilancer said...

A vacuum sucks too, cheer up.