Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Our eyes met, and a tingle went through
my body.
I did not know what to say or how to feel.
He talked and I could hear nothing, understood nothing but a whisper that touched my ear like a breeze of air.
The sound of his breath took mine away, and my hand felt wram when he squeezed it in his glasp.
All of the sudden I wondered is he real or am I making him up? creating him in such a way that allowes no rejection.
Touch me more, force me to feel your strength!!
Make me realize the real you!!
Compel me!!
OR just wake me up!!!


my head said...

did u write this ?

ordinary girl said...

DAAA of course I did.. you think I am just going to steal someone's stuff and post it under my name?!!

my head said...

HEY tra bkhrbk ! i liked it maarrra that's why i asked u .a5af amd7 o b3deen y6l3 mo lik o titfshleen ;-) .

Anyway i loved it ,, u have so much inside u .

ordinary girl said...

hehehehehe, Thanks anyway!!

SaudiEve said...

Off course she has "so much inside her" ya "my head"... SHE IS A SAGITTARIUS!!!

BTW, O.G. happy birthday my fellow Sag. :-)