Thursday, December 22, 2005

ok.. i have this friend who always says bad things about the blog!!! what a waste of time it is!!
why are you doing it?!
some people lost their jobs over the blog!!!
and she literally SAID
(this world is not a safe place for "nice" girlz like you)

can you believe it!!! I do not know what is so bad about having a blog!!!!


Immortality said...

low season,ha?? ;p

and as for the blog I've created.. just for your eyes darling. ;p

ordinary girl said...

I did not know you love me that much sun shine!! ;)

SaudiEve said... guys are soo sweet :-)

ordinary girl said...

we cannot help it!!

my head said...

Yes dear , having a blog means having a mind of ur own ,,, they dont want u to have one .

Here is my tip : ai a7d ygolik anything about ur blog write about him/her 3la 6oool . post names locations even photos (those pasterds )

ordinary girl said...

wow you are rough!!!