Monday, November 19, 2007

They say; they love you!

They say; they are friends with you!

They say; they’ll always be there for you!

They say and they say!!

You hear them and expect, but when your expectations turn into mirage and you find yourself collapsing under loads of disappointments; you wonder!!

Is it you who ask for too much? Or is it them who do not perceive their words?
Or is talking simply cheap?!

Then you realize that you are all alone! and when serious situations accrue; it is only you and yourself!

So, live and let live!


Immortality said...

but am still here :\
no good?
and I miss u like hell! and u r always in my prayers, heart & mind :"(

ordinary girl said...

I love you lass!
Really I cannot say more than that!

If I fell.. I stand strongly said...

مهما قلت أو قصدت..
أنا موجودة أعوضك لو حبيتي..

Anonymous said...

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