Saturday, November 11, 2006


Looking out of the window staring at the endless green lands thinking of him! How is he like?! What are his feelings?
Would it be different if we have met in person? How long would it take to feel someone.. to wait for their phone call.. their voice.. their laugh.. words!
How long does it take to addict a person.. breath through them.. enjoy life through them.. smile through them..
Do we imagine being involved coz we need it or is it a fact that it does not take more than a (Hi) to realize.. this is someone I want to be with.. and why do we neglect our desires and feelings..
How hard is it to simply admit and live by them..
Is life too complicated for us to live?!


Immortality said...

what?! wala 7atta one comment?!
what is happening to the world ya nas?!
always a pleasure, love ;->

ordinary girl said...

LOL.. thnx for passing by honey!