Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fairness of life!!
A little sentence.. some of us believe and some cannot even read!! Thinking about all the crises we have been through..
Unachieved dreams..
Lost of the beloved ones..
When you think that everything is working out just fine and then you loose everything in the last minute..
Friends betrayal..
Life really hits where it hurts and when we are less prepared..
How many times did you wish for something and when you thought you are having it, it would get even harder to reach..
Is it really life? Or we create the unfortunate events to feel sorry for ourselves?
Do we need to learn how to be satisfied with what we have and stop running for the unapproachable?
Is life giving us a hint? How hard is it to get through our thick heads that what we want was not meant to be?!
One line that we should all know and believe..
Whatever happens, happens for a reason no matter how gloomy it makes us..
May Allah comforts us all..


Immortality said...

cheer up love.. as you said, everything happens for a reason..
and what did the wise-and so dead- guy say??
"Things don't break you make you stronger"?
true.. we might get stronger,but never the same again.
It's not a case of 'fairness' here.. it's just we're so not well prepared to face the 'unknown'

LIFE is waaay bigger AND smarter than we think we are!


Hurt 2 The Bone said...

Told you earlier you are not just “Ordinary”, you are for sure very talented to orchestrate such words and summaries life, our day to day questions, thoughts, fears and worries. Yet the last wish you wrote is “HOPE” the real beauty of life. We were created for a purpose, yet the way we act to it what make us happy or sad beings; it is our choice what to be.

Thou I disagree with Immortality’s last comment, it is for us to make life bigger and smarter, it is all about our “Attitude” towards it.

Very deep blog, keep them coming :)

ana-alia said...

"what we want was not meant to be" sometimes we just don`t know what we want. Sometimes when what we want happens we wish it never did! So may God do the best for us.

By the way,liked your words, and you`re always welcome to my blog;)

A HEROINE said...

I can relate to that, nice blog by the way. Hope to read more soon.

Hani said...

You are right DoDi, everything happens for a reason and by a reason, but should it always be to our interest?! I doubt! but as you said, we have to live with it.

SunShine said...

Amen =)
It's true "Whatever happens, happens for a reason no matter how gloomy it makes us.."

You never know how it might have turned out if things didn't happen the way they did.

One verse I live by in the Quran is about how you should not hate what might be better for you (rough, rough translation)

gmr14 said...

o0h.. what a great post!!

why all this sadness?!!

i advice you to read a book named "don't be sad"
edited by "eshikh a'ayed al-qarni" it's really really great..

i'm not sure if this time is the first for me here.. but what i'm sure about is.. "it wouldn't be the last.."

i really really sense your way in thinking and understanding life..

believe me.. i couldn't read whole this post.. just 4 lines were enough to sense..

now, all what i can say is...
life is tough and not just a feeling.. but a sensation too.. and remind you that no one can get out of it alive.. so do not take it seriously.. -frankly.. some times not at all..-

best regards and wishes.. and waiting really really for your next post... i feel that you are writing in my name..

so sorry for these hassles words.. but it's the truth..

have a nice time..

my head said...

That's what i always tell you dodi .


سندباد مصري said...

محاوله جيده يا ايتها الفتاه التي تحاول

نعم ربما الله يفعل

ان الحياه لا تحتمل هذا الكم المرهق من الأسئله فعلا


احس احيانا ان الحياه رغم ما تحيط بنا من مظاهر إلا انها شفافه واهيه

بمجرد الحديث عنها تختفي من بين اصابعنا

ولكن اظن ان الصداقه والحب وكل المشاعر الجميله هي ببساطه الصل في الحياه

ولأنها اشياء رقيقه فإنها تختفي بمجرد الحديث عنها

اعجبتني محاولاتك ان تستمر

يقولون ان شرف التجربه يكفيك

واقول قد تنجحين يوما فيما فشل فيه الأخرون وهذا يكفيك

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