Tuesday, May 30, 2006

She: Good morning

He: Good morning

She: How are you?

He: Good!!

She: Good! You know I have to call the school and tell them that I won’t be able to work for them the coming semester.

He: Why?

She: Because I cannot, remember I’ll start my study.

He: Yeah but don’t tell them yet.

She: What you mean? Why not?

He: You should always keep your options open till the end.

She: But I did, I got my official acceptance letter from the university, I am accepted!!!

He: True but you don’t know what might happen!

She: What might happen?!

He: I don’t know, anything

She: Like?!

He: Well I don’t know, the place could burn down for example..

She: WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! What are the odds of this happening?

He: I don’t know I just like keeping my options open till the end like I said.

She: But the school needs to know to get a replacement, I have to tell them this is the least I could do.

He: In this case, ok go ahead.. tell them

She: Seriously what’s wrong with you??

He: Why are being aggressive?

She (yelling): Me!! Aggressive!! Well I just woke up and someone told me that the university where I am going to start studying in, might burn down for absolutely no reason whatsoever!!!!!

He: I am just saying it’s good not to close doors!! I don’t want the semester to come and you find yourself doing nothing..

She (upset): what doors?!! Instead of telling me that’s everything is going to be ok you come up with this weird stuff!! Again what’s wrong with you?!

He (cold): I cannot handle this mood in the morning, ok then I am going to work.

She (yelling even more): GO!!

Him leaving, Her slapping the door behind him!!!


Immortality said...

never try to logic with a guy coz he thinks "YOU" not fit enough to be one. Men underestimate women's mentality, strenght and dreams.
your "special someone" is the only person with the power to crush you down.. the same person YOU sacrifice everything for..

not done here.. there's more to come :-)

ordinary girl said...

feel free to say whatever in your mind dear..

NewMe said...

I totally agree with “IMMORTALITY”… HE is trying to impose his thinking pattern on SHE…

MEN always want to keep their options open… I don’t know why!!!

My simple explanation,,,
They are not SECURED…

Or maybe I am wrong!!!

Hurt 2 The Bone said...

And here we go again, please give us a break, only "ordinary girl" knows what is his problem really….
For me I predict two scenarios:
First: he is worried she might get a degree and then be of “Equal” and that is selfish -extremely selfish - of him, and for sure it shows he lacks self-confidence الله يعينها)
Second: they run out of Danao, therefore he lost it.
Third “if there is to be” well Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.

Ladies go easy on men, not all your fingers are the same.

mishari said...

باكتب بالعربى :)

اول شى مدونة مميزة
لو كان زوج وزوجة فتفكير الرجل صحيح لازم الواحد يخلى اكثر من باب مفتوح لما فعليا تمسك الشئ بايدك
ولو كانوا اثنين ما يعرفون بعض او علاقة صداقة راح اقول ان ما يبيها تدرس لان يبى يتزوجها:))

Hani said...

Wow! Ladies seem to be waiting a chance to attack men “mentality”!‎
Ladies, “He” is right, but he just was not able to find a proper way to drop his ‎advice.‎
I think “She” was the one who changed the whole thing into a fight. She ‎could say “Thanks for the advice, it makes sense… but still, I want to call ‎the school, this is at least what I can do for them”… instead of asking him ‎what could happen!‎

Come on people, keeping your options open is a well known common ‎strategy in everything we do in life. It is not that something bad could ‎happen, but just in case… we always say this, right? Just in case!‎

ordinary girl said...

In case what?! she has the paper in her hand!!! are you telling me that she should leave it until the last minute to tell the school.. people where are the MORALS!?

Hani said...

In case of fire :p

Well, I mean in case anything went wrong...anything. You know, $hit happens, we just need to prepare for it!

Morals... good word. well, you can wait until the last reasonable moment... a month before the schools start for example

ordinary girl said...

Oh Boy.. what's up with MEN!!

Hani said...

I think they only try to be prepared for the worst case scenario...‎

Lsn, being optimistic is something, and being careful is something else... as I ‎said before, men are not good in expressing their minds, specially when it ‎comes to communication with ladies :D

I once resigned from my job as I was accepted in a new job, three days after I ‎submitted my resignation; I was arrested and spent 15 days in jail… I of course ‎lost my new job, but my previous employer was good enough to welcome me ‎back to my job… see? $hit happens

camilla said...

hye there...m back to your blog again. Ask 'HIM' to get a life. Well if you got nothing nice to say, then don't speak at all, RIGHT? But dear, what happened really? Is he insecure or was it really a bad morning?

ordinary girl said...

I guess it was simply was Hani was talking about just He said it in a weird bizarre way!! and do not ask me why..

SaudiEve said...

Labour laws speaking (both National and international): She's right, He's an employer's worst nightmare.

"keep doors open"!!!! Huh!... let's hear'em say that when he's the employer (or even the Manager)