Friday, March 24, 2006

Have you ever tried waiting? I hate it when I have to wait, wait and wait..
When you are waiting for something important don’t you feel that time has transformed into a turtle moving one little step at a time!? And you are sitting there nervous, wondering if it’s going to work out or you will have to go through the whole process all over again.. Sometimes if not most of the times I wish I can control TIME, forward or backward depending on the situation.. I believe this is where the idea of the time machine came from the humans’ desire of control especially TIME!! And it isn’t only about waiting but also about going back and changing what had happened, say different words, bonding with other people. All sort of things that we are unwilling to change simply because we are unable to control the little clock that is ticking over our heads. So I guess good luck WAITING!!


K.M.B said...

good things happen to those who wait :|

Talal said...

Patience is a virtue, yet I know that hard work, perseverance and not giving up can get you what you want; the idea is to wait for the correct timing.

ordinary girl said...

giving up is the key here I guess, sometimes it is just so hard to keep trying..

Immortality said...

WOW! Now you look like me ;-)
didn't know you love me that much... ok ok I know I don't own the design..
anyways, what am here for is to say..

ofcourse I don't have a clue what's going to be about, so..SURPRISE ME LOVE ;-p

ana-alia said...

oooh i hate waiting.. and i absolutly wish to have a time machine!

ordinary girl said...

totally agreed..