Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dark faces in the memory asking about the worst that happened in life!! Wondering if different reactions would’ve fixed it all or if it’s just the way it is regardless trying, hoping and crying. Lonely thoughts in the middle of no where, no times hunting me pushing me to live in the past!!
The more I fight to move on the more they attack me, forcing me to move backwards!!
I know people who gave up and I know some who are still trying while some other actually won!!
And one day I could gather few memories that brought back happiness, pleasure and made me think that perhaps life is still livable!! Or maybe NOT!!


Immortality said...

My oh my!

ordinary girl said...


Hani said...

Noway to run away from the past unless we live a better present… but we can live on the hope of a better future, or not to live at all!

ordinary girl said...

few people look at the past as a learning experiance and most of them allow it to hold them back!!