Thursday, January 12, 2006

With Rolling Stone’s song- I love it when we Do- in the back ground am writing this. .. in fact something was said by my friend that made me wonder earlier today..
Well, I am a cartoon freak or at least I love japans’ cartoon so she called me crazy!!!! Is not it weird.. that when you act differently people think of you as crazy. Although this friend of mine was joking she made me think of other people who actually critic you the minute you show your differences…
Yeah I love cartoons,, I watch them I download them and now I am searching the entire net for Naruto’s episodes!!!!
Show your real interest, be frank, act the real you and you will never like the people’s reactions.
Give it a try and let me know.. and lets count how many around us accept the real YOU!!!


Sarah said...

Hi, I found one of your comments on another blog, so I decided to visit you! I have to confess I am also a huge fan of mangas, I watch Japanese cartoons since I was 11! And people around me made me feel embarrased cause of this, but I do not think there is something wrong with it! I admit it: I am addicted to those cartoons, even at my age I watch them from now and then! They bring back such pleasant memories from my childhood!

Immortality said...

ooohh how cute!
guess you finally found your match ;p

my head said...

hey there ...

i love watching WARNER BOROTHERS CARTOONS .I love SELVESTER the cat and i love the way he speaks .
BUGS BUNNY aa what's up doc.
And the rabit's hunter" hunting wabits ".
I watched (finding nemo ) like 10000000 times in english and arabic.
(monsters inc. ) boo!
(toy story 1&2 )
(lion king )
(little chicken ) ammmmoooot fe alsamaka .


ordinary girl said...

Good to know that am not the only freak!!!

Thamer said...

I LOVE the Ninja Turtles :D and i'm not ashamed to say that, lol.

I would also watch "Sanshero" (the kid with Jumaro) but I can't find any episodes :(

ordinary girl said...

I know... isn't not sad that all the old episods are gone!!!
I am deing to see Goregi and Lady Oscar but NONE :(