Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And here I am thinking we are moving forward!!!!! Well, shoot me!!!
I was at the train station the other day- YES- we have a train can you believe it!!! But that’s not it…
Two women- excuse me, I meant two ladies- were in front of me at the ticket window..
The first one- oooops sorry again, I meant the first lady- covered her picture’s ID with a piece of a tape!!! I was like Oooook, keep an open mind girl she just covers her face that’s all, but this is a government ID, an official one!!! Still girl she just covers I mean cannot you respect the other side of the world?!!!
I was calming myself down, entertaining myself by watching people’s shoes and tried to guess their personality from the shape of their shoes like I usually do!!! Well, I used to play this game with people’s faces but then they noticed that I am staring at them@@
So, while reaching the calming stage, the second LADY hit me!!!!!
SHE took out a note book from her handbag WROTE the names of the travelers and gave it to the GUY!!!!!
….. NO COMMENT!!!!


my head said...

y3ne leah 3mlt ktha ?

i used to rank people from the way they walk .

akeed kant labsa nqap .

ordinary girl said...

DAAAA... yes but i have no problem with people wearing Neqab.. but NOT TALKING to the officer!!!!!