Friday, June 01, 2007

Doing everything you can to find a solution that could make everyone happy.

Putting yourself under enormous pressure so you may have your peace of mind.
Agreeing to the most ridicules matter, hoping it might fix something.

But unfortunately as time passes by it gets worse. And the worse it gets the more you feel the emptiness, pain and sorrow.

Moreover, people believe you are weak and easy to crush so they keep pushing and pushing till you reach the edge.

And once you are there, you get to the point of no return and you lose faith; give up in it all.

Walk away from everyone and everything, leave behind an entire life!

You could lose everything but win yourself! Or
you could simply lose it all!


Immortality said...

ok.. am not gonna pretend to know what was that all about.. couldn't follow.. Lack of brains I guess.. lakin noticed one thing.. you got the "lose" right this time :-p

ordinary girl said...

well sunshine i am sure you will figure it out on your own!