Monday, January 01, 2007

Hands on experience of dealing with the most sensitive cases I believe exist!!

Tired minds!! Bored faces!! Heavy bodies, being dragged everyday to work emotionless, feeling less..
Not one day passes without someone being absent or late!
Not one day passes without seeing tow or three of these people doing their job with
the most careless manners that could ever exist!!
Being in many different felids before; I had these expectations that this particular one should have (Cream da la Cream!!) out of all!!
The best educators, the best methods, the best techniques, the best of the best in all aspects..
Unfortunately, it turns out not to be different than teaching a regular subject, even worse!

Here is my story!!

It was a whole month, My very first knowledge about children with special needs.. My very first work experience..
The very first morning I walked in filled with high hopes, thinking I would be dealing with the best human beings that devoted their efforts, lives to make it easier for these kids to manage what we call (as close as possible to normal life!!)
Here it comes!!! Surprise surprise!! Out of 6 teachers ONLY two were willing to give!!
I spent a lot of times in each class try to absorb as many information as I can, sadly I got none but the two who were actually working!!
The questions I asked were answered with (do not worry about it, these kids are hopeless and they shouldn't be trained) or something like (what a waist of time dealing with these children because it does not matter how hard you work, you just get no results) and more of the same meaningless rubbish!

After a whole month, 80 hours of working with these people- so called teachers!! I found out that it is not about what you are doing; it is about who is doing it!! It does not matter what you are involved in as long as you are honest and serious about it!!
The minute you put your heart into something, you'll reach your best achievement…

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