Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hello all this post is a respond to another blogger who was very considerate and nice and took the trouble to wrote a whole post about ME!!

Dear Sandy… first I would like to thank you a lot for recognizing my blog and actually consider it that touching and honest..
Me as a Saudi woman would like to talk about our situation in a (male dominated society) or as said!!! Very simple I am proud to be Saudi and the problems I talked about in my blog are normal problems that could accrue in any other society not only ours.. What I wrote did not mean SOS or Mayday!! we as Saudis can take care of our own life, problems and issues.
Work problems exist everywhere, lots of people struggle trying to find good opportunity to achieve their dreams career wise.. it is not a Saudi quality to suffer!!! And when it comes to driving and voting; these are political matters that will be solved one day although we did take a step forward when women did vote for the (the chamber of commerce) and in fact were elected..
When it comes to gathering this was taking completely out of context because NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GATHER without a permission; male or female!!
Here it comes the major decision in life.. marriage and education.. I am terribly sorry if I gave that impression but only US as women control out own life. No one will force a woman to marry someone she is not interested in and moreover, she cannot be forced to live with a person she dose not want to stay with anymore!! Her life is her own matter. Weather she wants to finish her education or not it’s completely up to her!! And she doesn’t have to simply because the man is obligated to take care of her from A to Z. she does not have to work to support herself unless in some case but I am giving you the general here and tell me please where is the perfect society?! We all have our cases and matters and again it is up to us to solve them!! What happened to me in that interview was unacceptable not because we live in Saudi Arabia but because it is unacceptable period!! Discrimination and racism do exist everywhere in your society and ours!!
A woman is my country is very well respected. Go to a travel agent and you go first, a bank or any other office and you will be served first. I went the High Minister of Education and we waited in a room and the employee himself came to us, took our papers helped us with all he could and even offered us BREAKFAST!!!
Dear Sandy Saudi women are strong, very well educated and they do make a difference in their society..

And again thanks a lot for your concern



Hani said...

You don’t stop impressing me DoDi, that was very smart, honest and true, well, most of it… but don’t you think that you have exaggerated a little in some parts?? Like women freedom, I mean the real freedom; I am not talking about the rules or what a woman can or cant do in Saudi Arabia, I am talking about the society look to the women freedom in Saudi Arabia


ordinary girl said...

Well Hani, i do not think i did exaggreat.. i did not say it is easy to achieve and reach whatever you wish for.. i am saying it is possible and being a woman does not prevent you from being someone and to aim for the star ;)

bulandiyya said...

Hey Dodi, well today i met ur blog , and i must say that i really truly like it, it's great:) For sure i will be visiting this site very often :)
Greetings from Poland:))

ordinary girl said...

Thanks a lot bulandiyya.. and you are most welcome to my blog..

Kol!ta said...

well said Dodi,

we as Saudis can take care of our own life, problems and issues.

I liked this part, we as saudis, Saudi women and Saudi men..

ordinary girl said...

True!! we need no onez help..

ana-alia said...

don`t they people have other issues to address? why can`t they just leave us alone!

Sufism: a generation awakens said...

In the UK I have allot of friends male and female (many at the University) who come from around the UK. One thing which I have noticed is that the non-Muslim females usually get away with anything and I mean anything but for that they have to pay a price which is to give up their morals and become an object who will do anything for something. On the other hand, I have Muslim female’s friends who stay focused, know what their morals and rights are, fully aware of the social problems that exist in your UK society and prevent themselves from getting involved or influenced. From the two I have grown to know that allot of the non-Muslim females tend to be more depressed and internally upset where they feel imprisoned (since they loose everything which is valuable to women including respect) and thus rely on entertainment, alcohol drinking and drugs to help forget the social problems as well as personal problems. The Muslims have a tool, a system and an early warning system to such problems and that is Islam.

With out mixing state politics with Islam you will realize that Islam is a system, which cannot be refuted in all aspects of life.

sandy said...

I just saw this post DoDi, and wrote a full response, posted below. I did not mean to offend you and would like to apologize for what appears to have sounded like arrogant intrusiveness. I meant to express my admiration for your tenacity, much as I would for any woman of any culture who has to overcome difficulties to pursuit their dreams. I am just a 48 year old grandma, living in a little town in the US. Certainly couldn't launch a MayDay operation to save the Saudi women if I wanted to, and believe me I don't think that would be a good idea. Talking and working together however, I think there's never enough of that on this planet. I hope to hear more from you.