Sunday, November 20, 2005

If you can control time what would you do?? What would you change? A question many of us have asked themselves many times.
Moreover, if I change any of the things that have happened would I be happier??
How many things do you wish to change and to what extend?
I would love to change my husband and be with someone else..
I wish I didn’t study such a subject and I wish I have a degree in something else
I wish I wish…. But the real question is when are we going to learn to be satisfied with what we already have and live with the fact that we cannot travel back in time
Learn how to make what we have better and get the best out of our bad situations...
Stop being depressed about it and get a life!!!!


antiblog blogger said...

What a mean thing to say about your husband.

ordinary girl said...

looool... i totally agree :p